Owner - Photographer - Creative Artist

Passionate - Thoughtful - Determined - Inspiring

These are four of the top characteristics that came up in a recent poll I did asking everyone I know to describe me. They’ve been following my journey from the beginning and have come to know all about me.

If you ask them they will tell you that I am a self-taught photographer living in New York. I left my job in the banking world to pursue being a writer but soon found that I had a passion for another art form. After reviewing my Bucket List, and taking down the camera from my closet I decided it was time to “Learn How To Use All of the Functions on a Professional Camera.” For two years I immersed myself in photography learning, practicing, growing. I realized that I had found the thing that made me happy and I was inspiring so many people with my passion along the way.

Photography has always been more than a hobby for me. I would stay awake through the night editing photos just because I loved it so much. I didn't just want to produce beautiful images, I wanted to see those images come to life on websites, in blogs, in advertising and in the hearts of people.

My work focuses on vibrant and creative stock photography. I love taking pictures of animals, landscapes and nightscapes in my free time, and seek to continue pursuing other categories of photography.

My ultimate goal is to help companies build their brands through photography.